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Tales From the Long Night Timeline


All dates are Terran Empire Reckoning.

-142, T.E.R.: The Fall of Terra.
Having destroyed Terra’s known colonies, Shuik Association forces advance on Terra. Acting Admiral Tomoe Takeko, commanding the UNS Avalon, leads the remnants of the UNSF fleet against the Shuik. She buys time for evacuation transports to clear Sol’s Tannhauser Limit and escape. Terra is destroyed; humanity becomes an endangered species.
After a grueling, four-month journey, The Terran refugee ships drop out of T-Space in the Crux-Scutum arm of the Milky Way. They find themselves in territory belonging to the Sketh’ya Hive Assembly. The Sketh’ya grant the refugees safe harbor and assist them in establishing a new homeworld, New Kyoto.

-127, T.E.R.: Tomoe Masako founds the Terran Empire.

Year 0, T.E.R.: Operation Spring Thunder. Empress Tomoe Jingu the First commands the HMS PAX TERRA and leads Terran, Sketh’ya, and te’ Etta Dainnen forces in a joint campaign against the Shuik Association.

7 T.E.R.: Founding of the Coreward League. Founding Members include the Terran Empire, the te’ Etta Dainnen Empire, and the Sketh’ya Hive Assembly

11 T.E.R.: Colonization of New Punjab, Khalistan founded.

362 T.E.R.: Colonization of Ayeden Prime, Equinox City founded.

627 T.E.R.: Worlds designating themselves “The Mutual Prosperity Collective” are permitted to secede peacefully from both the Terran Empire and Coreward League.

651 T.E.R.: Ideological, territorial, and economic conflicts lead to a Cold War between the MPC and the League.

683 T.E.R.: War between MPC and the Coreward League.
-Massive asteroid bombardment of Ayeden Prime unleashes a VEI-8 eruption, killing over 90% of Ayeden’s population. The Long Night begins.
-Ranchers from Rosenberry’s Pride abandon the hacienda and found New Petra in Ayeden’s equatorial badlands.
-A survivor in orbit designated “Big Mama” begins calling down evacuation routes to survivors and space-drops supply and equipment caches from orbit to help Ayeden’s remaining communities survive the coming volcanic winter.
-An adolescent named Fors Norton begins scavenging cargo pods dropped by “Big Mama.” He rallies other refugees in the Green Line Mag Networks northernmost rail station to begin organized “scrounging” expeditions.

684 T.E.R.: Big Mama’s broadcasts and supply drops abruptly cease.
- Members of last surviving and cohesive ADF unit rally and march into the ash on a suicide mission to destroy the MPC beachhead and troopship. Genejack raids cease.

685 T.E.R.: The Gentle Walkers appear, bringing schematics, tools, vaccinations, and supplies to refugee communities.

691 T.E.R.: Drovers from Rosenberry’s Pride encounter a scout from the MPC Spring Thunder Legion.

780 T.E.R.: Ayeden Prime’s middle-latitudes experience the first spring since the eruption. The First Tree is planted.

782 T.E.R.: The First Ride establishes communication with survivors living in what will become known as Greenline Town, Agro 9, and New Petra. Riders begin blazing trails and helping organize small caravans between communities. “We come with tales and news, offers of trade; we ask only for peace and warmth…”

1642 T.E.R.: Jessenne Roehe leads an expedition from Greenline Town to found a homestead in the old Number 12 Mine.

1671 T.E.R.: The Settlement of Duncoe Station is overrun and destroyed by Imps in retaliation for Duncoe’s slaving raids on nearby communities. Every free adult is killed, but all slaves, prisoners, and children are spared.
The Imps round up the leaders of every Homestead, Settlement, and Town in the Region and bring them to the smoldering wicker-men, then read aloud the Articles of Law. They read them three times, slowly, as though to children.
The Settlement’s livestock and resources are divided among the freed slaves. The Imps then give the children to the various community leaders present, making it very clear that they expect the children to receive very, very, good care or there will be “Consequences. Big, heavy-bad consequences. This is proper.”

1730 T.E.R.: The Settlement of Agro 9 is utterly destroyed by the orbital MPC blockade drone network colloquially known as “Damocles.”

1731 T.E.R.: Rider Cadet Petitioner Zeddinbecker te’ Emain-Ablach earns promotion to Rider First Class and wins the right to carry Breath of Scheherazade at the Winter Trials.

1732 T.E.R.: Shaifennen Roehe discovers the relatively-intact wreck of a Vishwakarma’s Legacy class engineering shuttle; brings salvaged materials to Greenline Town for trade.

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